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The Benefits of Professional Academic Editing

Transforming Average Essays into First-Class Papers 

Contrary to popular belief, academic editing is not simply a matter of mechanically sifting through documents removing spelling mistakes and typographical errors. Rather, it covers everything from meticulous proofreading and citation formatting to substantial rewriting and restructuring. It may even include supplementary research and fact checking.

But academic editing can achieve much more than making sure your writing conforms to the highest standards of English usage and professional presentation. At its best, academic editing can greatly enhance the clarity, consistency and coherence of your work. Just as precision cutting and polishing can transform a roughly hewn stone into a coruscating gemstone, so can precision editing and revising transform a run-of-the-mill essay into a first-class paper. While each of a hundred small editorial alterations might seem trivial or pedantic on their own, taken together they can lift your essay to a whole new level.  

Removing Linguistic Clutter 

Many students think that what matters is what you write, not how you write it. There is some truth to this. After all, a truism remains a truism no matter how felicitously it may be expressed, and no amount of linguistic dressing will transform it into a penetrating insight. But if style is no substitute for substance, substance itself has little value when it’s buried beneath clutter. And the truth is that most student essays are replete with linguistic clutter: flabby sentences, redundant prepositions, dangling modifiers, ambiguous pronouns, confusing shifts of tense, and unbalanced constructions. Given the importance of ensuring that your arguments are readily understandable to your examiner, it is essential and he or she is not distracted by such clutter, and it is here that academic editing can make a huge difference to your final grade. 

The Importance of Clarity

A common failing of many students is that their intimate familiarity with their own writing blinds them to its flaws. When you’re concentrating on content, it’s inevitable that linguistic errors will creep into your text. Due to your immersion in the writing process it’s likely that such errors will be invisible to you, but it would be a mistake to think they don’t matter. Not only will they distract your examiner’s attention from the substantive content of your writing, but they could also render the meaning of your claims and arguments opaque, even unintelligible.    

If you really want to give yourself the best chance of getting your desired grade we therefore recommend that, before submitting your writing assignments, you send them to us to receive the professional treatment of our dedicated academic editors. Since any claims or arguments that cannot be readily understood will cost you valuable marks, it’s vital that you have your essays professionally edited prior to submission. This is the case not only for the arts and humanities, where the quality of writing contributes significantly to the final grade, but for any course module in which written work makes up a sizeable component. 

Our Professional Academic Editors 

Academic editing involves a good deal more than just a second pair of eyes searching out typographical howlers and grammatical blunders. Our academic editors are creative sticklers, carrying out their work with a meticulous attention to detail, a passion for clarity, and a dedication to consistency and thoroughness. Our academic editors bring a fresh and highly trained pair of eyes to your text. Given their wide ranging experience in both editing and academia, they will be able to spot weaknesses in your presentation and know exactly how to go about rectifying them. 

We employ academic editors who have worked as copy-editors for the most prestigious academic journals and university presses. Some are university teaching assistants and lecturers who regularly examine undergraduate and postgraduate papers. All our  academic editors are native English speakers and hold advanced degrees from prestigious British universities. They have vast academic editing experience and the highest professional credentials. Our highly skilled and conscientious editors will ensure that your hard work is presented in the best possible light, thereby providing you with the best opportunity of attaining the class of degree to which you aspire. 

What Our Academic Editing Services Can Do For You 

In addition to the thorough and meticulous treatment of your work outlined in our proofreading pages, our academic editing services comprise extensive editing of content, structure, style and format. Our editing will enhance the structure of your writing and ensure that your written work accurately reflects the quality of your research. Mistakes are eliminated, structure is improved, ambiguities are resolved, and the overall readability of the manuscript is significantly enhanced. 

Our academic editing services can: 

  • Ensure that your writing style is both professional and engaging
  • Ensure that the sequence of ideas is perspicuous and logical
  • Clarify your work’s structure, arguments and claims
  • Ensure the consistency of your writing style, tense and tone
  • Remove any words that detract from the substantive content of your work
  • Ensure your work contains the appropriate academic vocabulary pertaining to your subject matter
  • Ensure that all technical vocabulary is used correctly, precisely, and consistently
  • Prune overlong, waffling or rambling sentences
  • Rewrite prolix, convoluted and unintelligible sentences
  • Eliminate repetition and redundancy
  • Enhance the clarity and focus of paragraphs
  • Create smooth and logical transitions between paragraphs
  • Add transitional phrases to improve flow and readability
  • Ensure optimal use of paragraph breaks and subheadings
  • Ensure proper signposting and transitions between sections
  • Insert cross-references where useful or feasible
  • Check the sufficiency and accuracy of references
  • Ensure proper use and presentation of quotations
  • Ensure consistency of either British or American English
  • Thoroughly check and cross-check your references
  • Ensure your citation-style, footnotes, pagination, margins, font and layout all conform to your university’s specified guidelines
  • Professionally format your table of contents, bibliography, references, lists of figures, charts, diagrams, graphs and tables 

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What You Will Receive (and How it Will Improve Your Academic English) 

With all our services you’ll be provided with two fully edited copies of your work. One of these will be a highlighted ‘track changes’ version, enabling you to accept or reject any given alteration with a simple click. It also means you can see exactly what changes have been made, and from this you’ll be able to learn how to improve your writing when it comes to future assignments. Having inspected these changes and corrections, the next time you come to write an essay you’ll know where to focus your attention and which mistakes to avoid. This will both improve your academic English and give you more confidence in the work you submit. And as for the other, unmarked version, if you’re happy with what we’ve done, you can simply print it out and submit it right away! 

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