Academic editing covers everything from proofreading and citation formatting to substantial rewriting, and may even include additional research and fact checking. Academic specialists, though highly intelligent and knowledgeable, are not always the best writers themselves. Indeed, a good academic writing style is a notoriously difficult skill for anyone to master, regardless of how much research experience they may have under their belt. Is it any wonder, then, that many students struggle to combine complex ideas and logical argumentation with a style of writing capable of doing them justice?

This is where academic editing comes into its own. Incorporating proofreading to eliminate grammatical and typographical errors, and more substantial revisions to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the language used, academic editing also looks to improve the overall clarity and readability of the writing in question. Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, a master’s student or a doctoral candidate, we have the expertise to deliver a world-class academic editing service which meets all your requirements.

We have a team of highly skilled academic editors who can ensure that your work satisfies the highest academic standards, evinces an exceptional grasp of the English language, contains faultless spelling and grammar, and strictly adheres to your university’s citation guidelines. Our experienced and dedicated academic editors will trawl through your work with painstaking attention to detail, removing and rectifying all errors and ensuring that the assignment you submit is more coherent and professional in all respects.

 Our professional academic editing service can help with the following:

If you require premium academic editing or proofreading services, look no further than Our skilled academic editors will ensure that your work is the best it can be, and is delivered in time to meet your deadlines — all for a very reasonable price.

We offer two academic editing services, as follows:

Academic Editing — This service ensures that your work is free from spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors. We will work on your paper’s sentence structure, use of terminology, layout, and overall consistency. We will clarify any awkward, unclear or overly complicated text, and remove any redundant words. We will ensure that all arguments are clear, concise, and logically coherent. We will amend your language to make it more academic, improve your structure and style, and ensure you have used the correct technical vocabulary. You will receive two copies of your work, one of which will show all the changes we have made so that you can check them for yourself and learn from them for future assignments.

Academic Editing Plus — In addition to all the above, this service also includes the complete professional formatting of your work so that it is ready for electronic submission — or to be printed and bound — as soon as you receive it. We will provide a thorough checking and cross-checking of your references. We will ensure that your citation-style, footnotes, pagination, margins, font and layout all conform to your university’s specified guidelines. We will professionally format your table of contents and bibliography, as well as any lists of figures, charts, diagrams, graphs or tables.

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