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Writing brand management essays is unique as they take a somewhat different course of writing from traditional marketing projects and essay writing. Although the terminologies and basic premises are the same, brand management takes on a very different meaning. This difference demonstrates itself when writing the paper. Students who are learning to write marketing essays for the first time may find it very difficult to do so and therefore may require writing assistance from professionals such as the essay writing service offered by Academic Sciences. We offer a quality paper with complete requirements of the project.

When learning how to write a brand management essay, it is essential to understand that a brand is entirely different from a product. Just as a marketer approach for product offers to individuals is different, brand strategies and approaches are also dissimilar. Brand has to be portrayed in its essence. Brands usually take a very long time to develop and therefore, their marketing strategies are different from traditional marketing methods.

When starting a write up on brand management paper, it is essential to identify the brand and differentiate it from different products in the same category. In other words, one needs to give a rationale as to why a certain brand has been dubbed a ‘brand’ and not a product. Academic Sciences will be able to provide some strong thesis and rationales for the paper, which a student may not be able to write correctly in the first attempt when learning how to write a brand management essay. Some brands such as Marks and Spencer, Colgate etc., are renowned brands, however this elaboration will not be enough without defining what a brand is, what quality a brand has, and what the criteria that differentiate it from a product are.

The second rationale when writing a paper on brand management is identifying for what purpose this particular brand has been identified for the study. Some brands may be failing and your paper may be directed towards reasons of failure of a brand. On the other hand, other papers may be involved in studying and comparing successful brands and how they have continued to stay on top of the market.

The third component when understanding how to write a brand management essay, is the introduction of the company, how it came into being, when did the brand appear, its evolution and now its current place and position, its financial equity and the good will associated with it. Furthermore, the CSR activities that have been associated with the brand are also highlighted. Research writers are well versed in researching and organising different components of the paper and therefore able to distil quality and meaningful information from useless facts.

The next part in writing a brand management essay is the study of the brand itself. The brand is studied in full depth starting from the name and icon, to the product features and unique selling proposition. It then should discuss the different classifications under which the brand falls such as an umbrella brand etc. Based on these components, the different events in the life cycle of the brand are analysed critically.

Brand management essays require a comprehensive SWOT and PESTEL analysis to identify areas of improvement. This is done through research work of the student, although Academic Sciences prove to be invaluable. The previous sections essentially create the introduction and literature review aspects of the report or paper. The second portion is the research work created under the heading of materials and methods, and the questions posed in the research. These are clarified in this portion and the methods and statistical analysis that will be used are also identified. Similar researches in this regard are also highlighted here to show the significance of the topic. This significance should be aligned with the hypothesis, theory and questions posed throughout the report to give an impression of consistency.

When attempting to write a paper on brand management, it is important to limit the number of questions in the research. This helps on focusing the question better, and creating more compelling results, which help in attaining better grades. However, the research should not be so narrow as to ignore the bigger picture in the brand. After all, a brand is a universal phenomenon much larger than any other market product.

Analysis of a brand requires use of marketing strategies and how marketing strategies work in this particular case. Therefore, references to the various strategic tools in marketing and why they are more suitable than others need to be established. Since there are many marketing tools available, selecting a small set of these again provides a focus to the study, making it easier for the student to align his paper accordingly.

The results obtained from the research are then formulated in the results section. This is perhaps the most important part of the brand management paper writing process. It is important to highlight the relevant findings. Mostly, in the case of brands, this translates to consumer behaviour and responses to certain changes in the brand, the perceptions and attitudes towards brands and how brands influence their decision making. The results require a very graphical presentation, as it gives a more vivid look and makes results easier to comprehend. Sometimes there is a need to add additional tables and statistics in the form of annexure in order to clearly indicate the situation and trends in brand equity.

This is followed by analysis of the results through discussion of the pertinent findings and comparing them to relevant literature. Usually in the case of a brand, there is comparison between performance of a brand from one era to the next and the influence of various factors such as brand ambassadors in the process, mergers and acquisitions, appointment of new brand managers etc. Another set of comparisons is between competing brands and how they are creating differentiation from the brand under study.

Based on the extensive marketing analysis that takes place in the introduction and literature review of the study during the writing of the brand management paper, suggestions and recommendations are given. Academic Sciences is able to provide such analysis in a very comprehensive manner. These suggestions and recommendations are based on exact prediction methods. To give these suggestions credibility, the student may have to compare similar strategies of other brands and discuss their outcomes. On the other hand, the student must also critique his or her own recommendations by highlighting the key pitfalls that need to be avoided.

The conclusions section helps culminate all the information in the brand report and the conclusions reached in a concise manner and helps direct future areas of research. When learning how to write a brand management essay, the student needs to apply critical thinking and analysis based on facts and statistics to create a brand paper. He must create a paper that makes the reader think the writer owns that brand as a brand manager.

On the other hand, the student also needs to highlight the brand image and concerns from the customer’s perspective because at end of the day, it is the customer who buys the brand.

In conclusion, when trying to learn how to write a brand management essay, a student must include the market and company view, customer and marketer view and the view of the brand.

Make sure that you give your essay a thorough proofread before submitting it, as many students lose marks for silly mistakes. Ask a friend to read over your paper or for a more professional service, consider our proofreading, critiquing and editing service.


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