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If you hope to achieve high marks on your academic writing assignments, then you may want to consider Academic Sciences elite proofreading service.  In order to avoid losing precious marks and guarantee that you achieve a 2:1 or even 1st grade, it is important that you hand in error-free, flawless essays or dissertations.  An effective proofreading service will ensure that you develop the perfect paper the first time.

Academic Sciences is able to offer a comprehensive proofreading service that is designed to improve the overall quality of your paper.  We employ graduate level, academic experts that will make sure that your research-based writing assignment is adequately written and fully edited.  Each academic writer and professional consultant is MSc or PhD educated; therefore able to provide a resourceful proofreading service.

When students order the Academic Sciences proofreading service, they are immediately provided with an overview of its many benefits and options.  Academic Sciences actually offers a choice of four unique components, from simple proofing to critiquing and editing.  Our academic writers are skilled in professional proofreading, which allows us to help any students that lack efficient writing skills and need assistance in the use of the English language.

The proofreading service is implemented to not only look for spelling errors, it also edits for structure and presentation.  As former lecturers, we can go through your work and suggest or execute changes that will get you the mark you want.  The first proofreading service option, the Bronze option, simply ensures that your paper is free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, along with a marking sheet for comments.

The supplemental options of our proofreading service, includes marking, critiquing and plagiarism-free scans.  The final option, our Platinum proofreading service component, is comprehensive and enables us to make any changes for you.  Our mission is to alleviate any chances of you loosing marks for spelling and grammar, of course, but to also check for other discrepancies.  Academic Sciences proofreading services will examine for poor presentation, inaccurate structuring of sentences, lack of clarity, and inadequate referencing to guarantee an error-free, perfect paper. Make sure your dissertation is up to scratch with our Thesis Proofreading services.

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