5 Reasons Why Proofreading is Important

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Proofreading is an essential skill if you want to get a decent grade at uni. Despite the fact that we all know how unreliable spell checkers are, we rely on them to save time and assume that as long as there are no wiggly lines under our work, it’s fine.

But this may not always be the case.

And it isn’t all about spelling.

Grammar saves lives

Here are six reasons why proofreading is so important.

1. Don’t Lose Out On Marks

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are worth marks in lower level education. At that level, you can pick up 5 marks just by being good at spelling. However, the same isn’t true at university level. Unlike lower level education, bad spelling or grammar use is punished by losing marks.

You can avoid this simply by proofreading your work to make sure everything is spelt correctly and that every apostrophe is in the right place.

2. Authority & Trust

If you can’t be bothered to proofread your work, why should a reader trust that your ideas have been thoroughly researched? Proofreading shows that you have taken the time to go over your work and demonstrates your commitment to it. This gives the reader a sense that you take the topic seriously and that your argument is worthy of serious consideration.

3. Clarity

Proofreading your essays allows you to make sure that your argument reads clearly. This is very important because all the good ideas in the world are worthless if they don’t come across clearly. Proofreading is also important because it allows you to catch run-on sentences and unnecessary words.

4. Ensure Your Argument is Sound

Even if you prove your point rigorously throughout your whole paper, if it’s not a strong one – you’re probably just wasting your time. First, make sure that your argument is valid, credible and strong and only then work further to provide enough evidence to prove it.

While proofreading, it is also important to make sure that you haven’t made any statements that you can’t prove. Pay the most attention to your conclusion and introduction, as these are the main parts that can contain problems with the validity of the argument.

5. Consistency

Proofreading will quickly reveal any inconsistencies in your work. Both in terms of style and use of tenses, proofing your work will make sure that you’re saying the same thing in the same way.

Top Proofreading Tips!

  • Get someone else to proof your work
  • Leave a break between writing and proofreading
  • Read slowly and out loud
  • Use a different platform for proofing as you do for writing
  • Proof the whole essay before making changes


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