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The first thing you have to do when learning how to write a finance essay is to make sure you have a good understanding of financial theory and practice. Finance is a field that may be broken into three subcategories, namely public, corporate and personal finance. Moreover, each one of these subcategories has many facets, with a multitude of approaches and solutions being offered by financial experts from around the globe. Thus, developing an appropriate level of understanding of finance by reading specialised literature is the first step in learning how to write a finance essay; the writing process itself does not differ much from writing other types of essay, as we will discuss further on. The three main stages of writing your essay are the research phase, in which you gather material, the writing stage, in which you develop the actual paper, and the revision, in which mistakes are corrected and the paper receives its final form.

The research

There are many books written about financial theory and practice. Depending on the subject of your essay, you need to select the ones that are relevant to your study. Look into bibliography lists, class notes and textbooks in order to get an idea of the books you have to consult. Afterwards, you can browse among various on-line sources that offer books and studies, such as or even to find useful titles that can help you gain a good understanding about the subject you are writing about. Nevertheless, be prepared to pay a visit to your local library, because online sources are seldom satisfactory for academic studies. Moreover, there are many pertinent and trustworthy financial newspapers and magazines that can provide help in writing your essay. Therefore, in order to learn how to write a finance essay, you must know how to organise your time so that you gather enough bibliographical sources for your paper.

Read carefully all the materials you have gathered, highlighting the most relevant passages or formulas you come across. This will help you a lot during the writing phase, especially if you decide to write an outline for the paper. The outline (or abstract) is a very useful asset for the student who learns how to write a finance essay, as it contains the main points of the discussion, and provides the reader with an idea about the relevance of the essay. Because the field of finance is rather complex, organisational skills are imperative: keep track of each piece of material containing relevant information, and make sure you understand it accordingly!

The writing stage

After organising your materials and writing an outline for the paper, it is time to begin writing. If your professor did not mention what formatting style you should use, utilise either the MLA or the Harvard format, in order to render your essay more professional. The student who knows how to write a finance essay will pay attention to how he references his or her sources, in order to be more credible and convincing. The main steps in writing your essay should be the following:

  • The introduction is written as a typical essay introduction should be: state the subject you are going to discuss, together with the different theories and perspectives authors have regarding it; be objective and fact-oriented, because a financial essay rarely permits personal opinions.
  • In the body of your essay, you will expand on the points written in the outline. Provide detailed information, quotes and formulas to back up your facts with. An ornate style is something to be avoided; learning how to write a finance essay implies knowing how to use a clear and objective language. Moreover, you should use detailed charts, graphs and equations to support your conclusions; case studies are another important element, being useful in proving or disproving financial theories and formulas. The more case studies and examples you bring, the more convincing your essay will be. You might want to present your theories in a chronological order, or in order of the relevance (given the fact that older theories might prove better than recent ones).
  • The conclusion should be no longer than several sentences. In it, mention your main points of discussion once again and underline the relevance of your study in the field of finance. Furthermore, state how your essay might trigger additional studies in the field, or how that information might be put into practice. If you know how to write a finance essay, you should know how to answer any remaining question regarding your subject, because a good conclusion leaves no questions unanswered.
  • The final page of your paper should contain the reference list. Write down every source you have consulted and cited in your essay, providing all the information required by the formatting standard you have used. This way, you will avoid the risk of plagiarism accusations.

The revision

After you finish writing the essay, the next stage is the revision. No matter how confident you are in your writing and analytical skills, there is always the possibility to have overlooked something; furthermore, there may be typos that need fixing right away. The revision stage does not take long, and it may be accomplished by either reading the paper yourself, asking a fellow classmate or friend to read it and tell you what mistakes to repair, or you can use our professional proofreading and editing service, enhancing your chance of receiving a high mark. Attention to detail is an important trait for someone who knows how to write a finance essay well!

After performing all these steps, you might say that you know how to write a finance essay. Nevertheless, some of you might be either unsure about their writing skill, or lack the time to make a proper research. In this regard, our custom essay writing and dissertation writing pages may provide the solution. Our writers are specifically trained to devise professionally written papers in accordance with your instructions and deadlines – and at affordable prices too![hozbreak]

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